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  1. Hello Ina! Just wanted to say that I absolutely love your blog, the photos, the colours, the treats and everything, even though I don’t understand a word in Norwegian! :-) So that’s quite a big thing to achieve! ;-) Have a great day and Christmas-time!

    1. Hello Elmas! Thank you so much, I really appreciate to get response from non Norwegians reading my blog. A while ago I wrote small translations in English, at the end of the blog post, but I didn’t get any response to it, so I stopped. Maybe I should start again? What do you think? Happy Christmas!

      1. Oh, hey! :-) I’m sorry you didn’t get much feedback from foreign readers, I think it’s their loss really, because I personally find your blog to be so much fun! Also it’s very nice and thoughtful of you wanting to include a translation of your posts, that would of course make it even clearer and more accessible to us people who don’t speak Norwegian, but in the end maybe it would be a waste of time of you to do that if there wasn’t enough people to appreciate! :-) So it’s your decision, the blog is just lovely the way it is, or maybe that’s what makes it more interesting to me at least, just seeing some splashes of color and happy images and wonderful scenery! Have a nice weekend! :-)

        1. No problem:-) Of course, most of my readers are Norwegian, but I know (by google analytics) that some of you live across the world, and probably knows English better than Norwegian. Even though I haven’t got any feedback on the translations at the end of the blog posts, and therefore stopped making them, I will start again now. It was so nice to hear from you, and to write a short resume in English don’t cost me a thing:-) Hope you will appreciate it, and that you will continue to enjoy my blog! Thank you so much for the nice words:-) Have a great weekend!

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